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We have two types of Mulch (or ground cover) to add natural beauty to your landscape.

Wood Mulch and Stone Mulch. Please select one to browse further.

  • Wood Mulch

    100% Aged, Organic Mulch – Natural And Always Plant-Friendly.  

    The right kind of mulch means fewer weeds for you and your plants. It helps your landscape stay neat and trimmed all season. An adequate layer of mulch shields the ground from light, reducing weeds, and it’s a natural insulator against sun-bake, which helps keep soil and plant roots moist. As the mulch slowly decays, organic nutrients are released into surrounding soil––feeding plants what they crave.

    Our mulch is 100% organic and aged, so it doesn’t absorb critical nitrogen from your plants as the mulch continues to break down.

    It’s kid, pet, and plant-friendly. Some of our mulch may be dyed for rich-looking color all season, but our dyes are non-toxic and biodegradable. And our mulch contains no CCA pressure-treated wood of any kind, which means no harmful chemicals leaching onto the ground or into root systems.

    At Earth’n Wood you’ll find the color and texture of mulch you want to nourish your plants, protect your kids and pets, and make your landscape look great all season. 

  • Stone Mulch

    Stone Mulch Can Brighten Any Landscape. (Decorative Stone and Gravel) 

    Want a unique ground cover that saves repetitive yearly maintenance? Then consider Stone Mulch.

    There is such variety of color and texture in this decorative gravel product that you may have trouble making up your mind. No matter the finished look you settle upon, all Stone Mulch has one thing in common––permanence. You won’t have to redo your ground-covered areas next year, or the year after, and so on. As a bonus, the areas covered with your selection of Stone Mulch, will require less watering since the basic idea is to starve any growth from occurring underneath.

    For proper installation, you’ll want to prepare the area correctly and put down our weed-stop fabric first. We’re happy to help coach you on proper technique. Just ask. 

    Check our weed control page for more information on weed-stop coverings.