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Delivery Info

Order 7, 8, 9, or 10 yards of our quality bulk wood mulch 
and you’ll save $25.00 on the delivery fee!

We deliver 7 days a week in peak season.
Choose your delivery date when you order. And please call with any questions! We’re here to help.

$39.00 is our local delivery rate from any store. But we deliver almost anywhere for a little more. Call any store for delivery rates to your zip code.


Minimum and Maximum Deliveries

We do our best to accommodate all of your delivery needs. However, there is a minimum delivery size of 1 cubic yard or 1 ton. Our maximum loads (per trip) include:
• 10 yards of Mulch
• 8 yards of Soil
• 8 tons (6 yards) of Aggregate (like sand, gravel or limestone)
• 5 tons of Lava Rock
Since our rates are fixed, the more you order, the cheaper the delivery cost is per yard. We’d be happy to make several trips, but additional delivery fees apply. Contact us for more information
In addition, truck dump beds are only to be raised two times per delivery.
Truck measures 12 ft with the bed down, and up to 19 ft tall with the bed raised with a width of 8 ft. 


Choosing the RIGHT Dump Spot

Our delivery drivers always try to place your material just where you want it. But there are limitations on what we can do. If there are problems like the ones listed below, we urge you to have an alternate site to dump. 
• Overhead obstructions
• Wet grass or soft ground
• Excessive grades or slopes
• NEW concrete driveways
• Narrow openings in fences


If you need a LOT of material and have a LOT of room,
save even more by getting SEMI LOAD deliveries.




All delivery customers are required to complete and sign our damage waiver.

This is non-negotiable.



Buying gravel for your driveway? 
We can TAILGATE it to save you time.

tailgating gravel

"Tailgating" is when our dump truck driver spreads out the gravel along your driveway, instead of just dumping it all in one spot. 

Tailgating can only be done with limestone, gravel or a base powder.
Soils can not be tailgated.

  • Our driver will do his or her best to evenly spread your load along a predefined path.
  • This is done by backing the truck up to one end of the path and opening the bottom of the truck’s tailgate slightly. The dump bed is then slowly raised until the load begins to pour out. As the load pours out, the driver pulls ahead and continues down the path while simultaneously raising the dump bed along the way.
  • Small piles can accumulate wherever and whenever the driver has to make a stop. This includes the beginning and end of the path. If there is a tree branch or low-hanging wire, the driver will have to stop and a small-to-medium sized pile will accumulate.
  • As the driver enters any roadway or street, he or she is required by law to make a complete stop. A pile will accumulate there as well.
  • Normally, these piles can be spread and dispersed quite easily using simple hand tools like a hard rake or spade shovel.
  • We do our best to minimize these piles on every delivery.

This short video shows tailgating.