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SuperSack – Saves steps, time and work.


Get quality Earth N Wood mulch, soil, or decorative stone delivered in our convenient SuperSacks. Saves time, steps and your back.

We can place them along your driveway, off to the side, or right beside your planting beds. With fewer steps, your job will get done in no time.

We deliver on a flatbed truck and bring our forklift to do the heavy lifting for you.

Where there’s 8 foot of clearance, we can put Earth N Wood SuperSacks anywhere you want them--around the back of your house, near your planting beds, or lined up in your driveway. It's your choice, as long as there is 8 foot of clearance for the forklift.
Earth N Wood SuperSacks cost LESS than small bags for equivalent volume.    
Have several projects that need different materials? You can mix and match different products on the SAME DELIVERY to save the cost of separate deliveries.
We're happy to load your truck or trailer with SuperSacks at one of our stores. But not all products are available all the time. If you're picking up, please phone ahead to allow us time to prepare your order.

Earth N Wood SuperSacks
  • No bulky piles blocking your driveway or garage access.
  • SuperSacks are sold individually and each SuperSack contains ONE CUBIC YARD of mulch, soil or stone.
  • Saves over buying multiple 2-cubic-foot bags.
Pickup available at our stores--but please phone ahead
  • At our stores, SuperSacks can be loaded in your pickup truck or trailer.
  • Save on vehicle cleanup.
  • Not all products are ready for immediate pickup. Phoning ahead gives us time to load the SuperSack with the product you want.
  • Have a project needing soil, stone and mulch? Mix products on one delivery and you save the cost of multiple deliveries.
  • Up to twenty (20) SuperSacks can be delivered at one time.
  • Delivery of SuperSacks and pallets of stone are available up to 100 miles from our stores. Freight charges apply and our staff can quote you any additional cost.
  • Deliveries are by FLATBED truck and FORKLIFT.
  • You can get the material closer to where you need it and save repeated wheelbarrow trips.
  • Our truck parks on the street and our operator brings each SuperSack onto your property with the forklift. However, the forklift must have an 8-foot-wide clear area to operate.
  • SuperSacks sit on a wooden pallet which remains with you--unless you tell us before delivery that you don't want the pallets, in which case the driver will take the pallets.
  • There is no need to return the pallet or the empty SuperSack.
  • SuperSacks can be easily cut with a sharp knife to better access its contents.